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Visions from a Brush
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Tina (Christiane Evans) is a self-taught artist. She is the founder and creator of ceTina's Art, located in Pacifica, California.

Tina paints landscapes from imagination because this is what she loves best. Each of her paintings is a journey of new discovery. Her sceneries evoke a sense of calm, and in viewing these places, we are invited to take a breather, relax a little, and remember the familiar, or imagine not so familiar places.

Inspired by nature's colors and moods, Tina captures the impressions of a sunny day, or a moonlit night, letting imagination be her guide. From visions in her minds eye, to the brush, to the canvas, her art emerges in an almost intuitive flow. Following the impressions of certain brush strokes, her landscapes evolve, and in the end they are reminiscent of places we may have been. What Tina paints are not renderings of actual locations, rather they are her "visions from a brush".

Tina's journey to art began in her early childhood, when she used colored pencils to draw flowers and nature. Learning by doing, she moved on to sketching people. Progressing from pencils to ink, to acrylics, and then oils, she discovered that oil on canvas is her first love, and her preferred method of creating art. Tina does use acrylic paints occasionally when quicker results are desired, and if the mood strikes, she sketches small images with pen or pencil.

Her creative path was interrupted a few times, working in various professions along the way. Ranging from Graphic Arts, Photography Lab work, Retail, International Research, Auctions, Banking, all the way to Conflict Resolution; and all while raising children as a single parent. When the kids were teenagers, Tina reentered college, and achieved her masters degree in International Policy and Conflict Resolution.

Originating from Europe, she traveled to various states in the US, visited Africa, took a quick trip to Paris, and studied in an international school where she conversed with people from all over the world. This was a great way to learn about other cultures. She agrees with what a wise man once said: One who walks once around the room, is wiser than one who sits still.

All of these twists and turns resulted in a 20-year hiatus from art, and after all was said and done, she decided to pursue her talents once more. She collected the paints and brushes that had been gathering dust, and started to paint landscapes. Those paintings ended up in a gallery. Back to doing what she loves best, and several showings later, Tina is still painting her “visions from a brush”.

It's an adventure! A continuing journey of creative imagination, to see just how the next painting will evolve. There are original paintings, fine art prints, some fresh canvas waiting to be transformed, and lots of paints and brushes.

Tina selects some of her paintings to create limited editions of ceTina's Art calendars. These are a favorite to give as gifts for friends, family, or to oneself. This year's selections included a variety of some quick sketches and some more refined paintings. 2024 calendars have sold out.
For images see: cetina-galerie.com

ceTina's Art
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